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Dr Minh Hoàng Hà uses skills in maths and analytics, as well his creativity, to solve real-world problems. He visited UTS from VNU University of Engineering and Technology under the Faculty KTP (Engineering and IT) Visiting Fellow program.


Dr Minh Hoàng Hà decided to pursue operations research (OR) so that he could apply his mathematics background, analytical skills and creativity to the solution of real-world problems.

Minh Hoàng has studied and worked around the world, including significant periods in France and Canada.  He has gained significant research and industry experience in operations research, including consulting on operational optimization and the deployment of IT solutions for companies. These experiences influence activities in his lab in Vietnam, ORLab.

Studying operations research gives me the chance to work in diverse industries, such as healthcare, transportation, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or even disaster relief and entertainment.

This vast experience has made him a leading expert in reducing costs and increasing labour productivity and profitability.  In 2017, he received special recognition from the Vietnamese government for his contribution to the IT industry. 

He strongly believes that operations research is important for industry, with the potential to save hundreds of millions of dollars for companies.

For Hoàng, the value of his visit to UTS was the opportunity to generate ideas by chance, through first hand conversations.

When we have to tackle a hard problem, meeting in person with paper or a whiteboard is much more useful.

A particular highlight was identifying optimisation techniques to successfully solve complex but interesting problems in networking, wireless and cloud computing.

He sees the overarching collaboration between UTS and VNU-UET as a great contribution to strengthen the research and training capacities of both institutions.

He hopes to see the networks established during his visit to UTS endure through joint papers, industry projects and PhD co-supervision.

Minh Hoàng sees the connections he has made at UTS as complementary to the research conducted at ORLab, helping industry, society, and the public sector to optimise to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Because optimisation problems arise throughout daily life, the impact of this research is vast and diverse.